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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UME Weekend?

United Marriage Encounter is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to improving marriages by introducing practical, ongoing communication tools over the course of an entire Weekend starting on Friday night and ending on Sunday night. A UME Weekend combines practical methods, Christian values, and personal experiences, shared by trained leadership couples, to improve communication between husbands and wives.

The Weekends are hosted by leadership couples, all volunteers, who teach and demonstrate methods that improve communication, by sharing experiences from their own lives. The Weekend is presented in a conference-type setting with approximately 30 couples. After initial introductions, no other group sharing is required. Each couple is given enough time to talk privately, free from the distractions of everyday life.

You and your spouse will focus on each other throughout the Weekend. You’re given plenty of one-on-one time as a couple to share with each other, trying out the communication tools and ideas presented. It’s an opportunity to learn new ways to communicate and also to connect deeply or even re-connect with your spouse on an emotional and spiritual level.

Who should attend a United Marriage Encounter Weekend?

A Marriage Encounter Weekend is designed to help good marriages become even better. Although many couples with troubled marriages have found value in the weekend, we recommend other weekends for that need.

Does the Weekend really cost what I paid when I registered?

NO. The registration fee per couple is used by the local community to purchase supplies and to offset costs to prepare for the weekend. UME provides the funding needed to pay hotel costs and meals through the generosity of couples who have attended a Weekend and have “Paid Forward” for you to attend. This is done through weekend donations and ongoing annual contributions so that any couple can experience a weekend regardless of their ability to pay. You will be given the opportunity to “Pay Forward” for another couple on your weekend as well.

What does a Weekend cost?

The cost of attending a UME Weekend, including room, meals and other expenses, has already been paid for you through the donations of other couples. Others have paid this cost – over $840 USD per couple – as a gift to you. There is a one-time registration fee per couple to cover other costs. The future of UME has always been dependent upon donations. Near the end of the Weekend, you will be invited to contribute to future Weekends for other couples. You are free to decide how much you want to give, so others can have the same opportunity.

Can we skip a session?

No. The whole program is like a set of interlocking building blocks. If you leave some out the structure will be incomplete. And, because your Weekend cost has been funded by individuals/couples we ask that you honor their generosity by making plans to attend the entire Weekend. Their donation was an investment in you. If you can’t attend all sessions, please reschedule to a time when you can stay the entire Weekend – from 7:30 Friday night until 4 pm Sunday evening.

How do I register for a Weekend?

You can register online. To register online, click on the Register button and fill out the registration form.

How much Christian teaching is integrated into the Weekend?

The primary focus of the Weekend is to provide couples practical methods for improving communication, growing closer to each other, and strengthening the bond between husband and wife. We believe a successful marriage is a Christ-centered marriage. The Christian content in a UME Weekend is integral but not intrusive.

What if we do not go to church, or are non-believers?

United Marriage Encounter welcomes all faiths, including non-practicing Christians and non-believers. Since our primary mission is to improve marriage, one man one woman legally married, any such married couple can enjoy and greatly benefit from attending a UME Weekend. Although there are discussions relating to a Christ-centered marriage as part of a successful marriage, the Christian content is presented without preaching.

Do you offer counseling on a Weekend?

A United Marriage Encounter Weekend does not provide counseling for couples or individuals.

Have more questions?

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